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Introducing BASEE

BASEE is a collaborative of eight Silicon Valley school districts that have moved from textbooks to kit-based hands-on science in their elementary schools. Each has participated in the Hewlett-Packard Hands-On Science Program which included training at the National Science Resources Center in Washington, DC and a three-year grant from Hewlett-Packard. Each district has had a successful initial curriculum launch, but none of the districts has a content-rich professional development system in place.

With HP's encouragement and support, the districts have designed a five year staff development plan to improve science learning for the districts' 44,000 students and received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. This teacher enhancement grant project will provide professional development for elementary teachers in science with connections to math, literacy and technology. It allows BASEE to achieve its goal for all students to learn science and its connections to their world of experience in a lively, inquiry-based program. BASEE is a partnership between Hewlett-Packard Company and the following school districts:

We gratefully acknowledge additional funding and in-kind support from:


To meet our diverse professional development needs there are four strands of learning opportunities:

Strand One New Teachers "Nuts and Bolts"
Designed for new teachers and for those new to the curriculum
Strand Two Ongoing Professional Development
Provides a focus on content background connected with effective teaching strategies
Strand Three Leadership Development
Provides leadership opportunity for those wishing to solidify their science background while sharing their expertise at school sites
Strand Four Administrators
Provides support for supervision of science teaching and helps administrators create a vision for science in their schools

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The collaborative has created a variety of offerings to meet the various time needs of teachers. There will be team planning, coaching, summer institutes, an evening series during the school year, grade level meetings, and district staff development days. Prior to attending these sessions, each teacher will have the opportunity to assess his/her own needs in the area of science with connections to math and technology. Some of those needs may be met by a BASEE program, while others will be funded with dollars directed to the schools for site decision-making.

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Introducing BASEE

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